My practice concerns the relationship of people, place and space- especially moments of isolation, solitude, alienation and disempowerment. The transience of self and place and my memories of place are also strong themes in my work.

While not always the case, my photographic-based images frequently feature seemingly empty contexts that reference human experience – rather than the physical presence or gaze of subjects. Works have often referenced life in the suburbs and are frequently highly transformed rather than aiming to be realistic; reflecting and investigating some of the hyper-transformed emotional states that can be experienced.

My practice includes mixed media digital photographic art. In addition, it includes overpainted photographs as well as overpainted, moving images. That is, my own photographic prints or moving images actually form the canvas for my painting. Works may then be re-photographed and printed once again or just left as they are. Works are a variety of sizes and use a variety of mediums and paints as well as different canvas surfaces such as aluminium, fine art paper or fabric. Nonetheless, all works start with the photograph. By painting over photographs and videos, I feel I am able to further explore different temporal, social and spatial frameworks and processes in my work and to push the limits of ‘digital painting’.

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