Overpainted Photographs & Moving Images

Since 2018, my practice has included overpainted photographs as well as overpainted, moving images.  That is, my own photographic prints or moving images actually form the canvas for my painting. Works are then re-photographed and printed once again or left as they are. Works are a variety of sizes and use a variety of mediums and paints as well as different canvas surfaces such as aluminium, fine art paper or fabric.

When I paint visual frames over photographs and video and transform images, I feel I am able to explore different temporal, social and spatial frameworks and processes and I am able to investigate new forms of ‘digital painting’.



At the pub
Overpainted Photo (in progress)
20 x 16 inches


Recursive Wisteria C-type print on aluminium composite panel (photo of overpainted photo on silk) 2018

Shadows of Time
Overpainted Photograph  – acrylic paint -C-type print on aluminium composite panel
140 x 90 cm


‘Eleanor’ Overpainted Photograph acrylic paint on fine art paper 2019 16 x 20 inches