Mixed Media

These works start with digital photographic prints but then use various materials and layerings to create different effects…

“I remember what they looked like”
2020 Mixed media; photography, acrylic, gold leaf

This series of images concerns the destruction of the Australian bush and world-wide climate change and was previously exhibited in 2020 at Tacit Galleries, Melbourne. My sense of disbelief, shock and considerable uncertainty about the form of what remains after the bushfires and its relationship to what once existed are reflected in the use of saturated colours, silhouetted forms and torn photographs. Tattered gold leaf is also used to reflect the destruction of past glory.

The above work is a digital photographic print on fabric that I then painted over with acrylics.  In one version of this image, I re-photographed the work (after painting) and printed it onto aluminium dibond.


Shadows of Time
C-type print on aluminium dibond and acrylic paint 
140 x 90 cm